Get Ready for Find a Lodge

February 16, 2018

Portland, OR - February 16, 2018 — The Lodging Network, LLC is proud to announce the immediate availability of Find a Lodge ( Find a Lodge lets you explore fishing lodges, hunting lodges, ski lodges, and other sporting lodges like never before.

Our website will be the first of its kind to seamlessly integrate lodge listings with exclusive content. As an online publication, Find a Lodge will feature a regular travel blog, complete with a “lodge of the month" column, and other exciting outdoor-related news. In the future, our site will also offer lodging deals, reviews, travel tips, and more.

We see an opportunity to re-invent the lodging industry, and make it easy for anyone to find their dream vacation. At the end of the day, we want to get more folks out there—whether it’s hiking, fishing, hunting, or skiing—and help promote the outdoors. Over the longer term, we aim to become a hub for outdoor enthusiasts and weekenders alike.


The Lodging Network team has been involved with both the web industry and the outdoor industry for over a decade. Our experience has led us to the conclusion that there is room for improvement in the way that we search for, discover, and book resorts and lodges. We are eager to begin our journey, and will do our best to ensure the success of our advertisers and users. Come join us.